Montag, Juni 07, 2010

Nettes PredichtFeedback ... von Bikers For Christ Belgium

Letzten Sonntag hab ich in einer Gemeinde in Mortsel gepredigt - ich bin da alle 3 Monate .... sehr nette Gemeinde!
Diesmal sassen auch 2 Biker inner Church von "Bikers For Christ Belgium" ...... die haben dann Montag ein sehr nettes Feedback auf ihrem Blog veroeffentlicht .... eigentlich mehr ein Rundbrief an ihre Bikers in Belgien.

Hab mich sehr darueber gefreut - denn wir haben grad paa Herausforderungen am Start .... weil die auch ne englische Version im Blog haben , will ich den schnell hier veroeffentilichen .....

"Despite Your busy daily work schedule, Lord, yet again a word from us here .... You've heard the hymn yesterday which echoed from Your church, it turned equally with the earth, all day long, till the last SundayMorning June 6, 2010 had passed. Your church told a lot about Your Book again which you left us, to designate the path to follow generation after generation. One of your children, you probably know him Frank Ernst, spoke from the small country Belgium that You created at the North Sea, he said that we had to act like Panthers in the faith. Yes, Lord, some of your children are blessed to speak, and a real encouragement as well as a guidance and very exciting to listen to. What did you think when Frank told that when a panther really wanted to be panther, he should not behave like a cat, because when the dogs would find him, it would make all the difference if he stands up and says, I 'm panther. Then the dogs would run like hell.
He also told us that we cannot be a little pregnant or cannot be a bit dead, we are either pregnant or not pregnant, dead or not dead, it's black or white. And so with faith in You, Lord. Who we are, and what we have done, believing in You means, the old me, is over, bye bye, gone, “verschwunden” (German for “disappeared”) we’ve stepped into a new suit, which is called: the new I, and who can do everything in Your name. We ourselves can do nothing, but in Your name, we can do everything. He also said that it is important, what we do with Your Teaching, that we can achieve a with Love, because Love has a constructive role and not a destructing one, where we fight each other with a photographic memory of the Bible content, but not with its building content.
Lord, we Bikers can compare this with what is the use of a motor-manual, and a key, if we do not use it, to which it is intended to and the use of the key being the contact between ourselves and the fact that we can move forward with the bike. Short, what is the use of saying I have You Lord, if I do not use the Bible for what it is intended to and a key- contact between You Lord and ourselves, and the fact that we can get everywhere in Your Name, Lord, even to You !!!"

Praise God!

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Jocky hat gesagt…

Sehr cool. Scheint mir, dass hier noch eines der Kinder Gottes "gesegnet ist um zu schreiben" :)

Lass doch mal rüberwachsen, was es für Troubles gibt. Eigentlich war ja unser Hauskreis dafür da, für deinen Dienst zu beten. Aber ohne Petroleum geht die Lampe aus...